Tile Coasters and Prints

Tile coasters & prints created from

original art by Tracie

Please check with me for availability. I am always making

new coasters but I also sell a lot of them. Thank you!

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Pretty Tile Coasters!

$7./each or a set of 4 for $30. (+S/H)

I create quality prints from my original artwork, then adhere that to a tile and finally cover it with a 2 part liquid resin. The end result is a glossy, high end looking coaster for putting your drinks upon. These make wonderful gifts. I've had many order large quantities for parting gifts, wedding showers and holidays.

I only make these coasters in batches. I will make custom orders of one print only for a minimum of 7 sets (28 coasters total) with a 1/3 deposit.

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High Quality Prints of my Original Artwork

Please contact me for sizes and availability

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